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Car Rental Deals For Slovenia

Car Rental Deals For Slovenia


Located in the centre of the Gorenjska region, the Kranj city is the fourth largest in Slovenia. This city is positioned on a rocky hill above the convergence of the Sava and Kokra rivers and is a major industrial city of Slovenia. Kranj is also known as the ‘City of Preseren’ in memory of the famous poet, Dr. France Preseren, who spent all his life in this city. From major manufacturing industries to numerous cultural and natural sites, Kranj has a lot of attractions for both the business and leisure travelers. If you want to visit all the attractions of Kranj, hire a car from Slovenia Car Rentals.

Kranj - Highlights

The City centre of Kranj is a small and well preserved area. The tourists can hire a car from Slovenia Car Rentals and explore numerous attractions such as the ‘Joze Plecnik’s Arcades and Fountain’, the 16th-17th century ‘City Hall’, the ‘Pavslar House’, the ancient ‘Tollhouse’ and the ‘Kislkamen Castle’ located in the old town of Kranj. At the edge of the old town lays the ‘Presernov Gaj’ or the ‘Preseren Grove’ a beautiful park with monuments dedicated to poets France Preseren and Simon Jenko.

Other attractions of Kranj’s old city include the ‘Church of St. Kancija’, one of the countries first parish churches, the ‘Rozenvenska Church’, the ‘Church of St. Sebastian’ and the ‘Skrlovec fortress’.  

The major landmarks like the ‘Plecnik Steps’, ‘Kokra Canyon’, ‘Sum Falls in Besnica’, ‘Mount St. Margaret’, the village of Podreča, ‘Mount St. Jodocus’, ‘Khislstein Castle’, etc. are also famous tourist destinations. You can also drive to the nearby hills of ‘Jost’ and ‘Smarjetna gora’ which are two well-known excursion spots located very close to Kranj city.

Why Choose Slovenia Car Rentals?  

If you wish to explore Kranj’s beauty, you won’t get a better choice than Slovenia Car Rentals. Slovenia Car Rentals offers excellent services and enormous benefits including a wide range of cars at cost efficient prices, an online booking facility and a number of pick up points at almost all the major destinations in Slovenia. We ensure to provide you an excellent travel in Kranj.

What's Included?

  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • Collision Damage Waiver
  • Vehicle Theft Waiver
  • Liability Insurance
  • VAT & Other Local Taxes